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Joie Rasberry 


Renowned Keynote Speaker on Resilience, Reinvention, Overcoming Adversity, and Leadership, Joie Rasberry Guides Us On How To Get Through Some Of The Most Disruptive Times Imaginable. With All Of Life's Uncertainties, Rasberry Knows How To Ascertain Your Organizations Culture While Speaking From A Place Of Hope And Achievement That Translates To A Bottom-Line Win For Everyone. 

Joie Rasberry is Founder & CEO of Joie Rasberry Enterprises, a professional & personal development training company that teaches Fortune 500 CEO's, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society. 

She is a renowned keynote & motivational speaker, author, educator of Speech & Debate, former Public Affairs news radio host and business consultant who inspires organizations to discover the power of resilience.  She also shares with global audiences the art and science of reinventing themselves, overcoming adversity, leading powerfully with grace, and empowering others in challenging times. 

Rasberry redefines the traditional role of keynote speaker. With more than 30 years of experience that spans public speaking, writing, radio and theatre, this communications powerhouse has pushed the envelope to its limits. Few people can exhibit well-rounded expertise in delivering strategic and powerful messaging solutions like Rasberry. 

Rasberry's clients believe that the diamond “R” initial she sports signifies more than just her name. She’s a resolute, refined idea generator who delivers results! She thinks. She speaks. She writes. She rocks! This savvy-and-sought-after communications professional shows clients how to win time and time again. 

Weaving Words That Create Remarkable Speaking Experiences

A One-Woman Show Personifying Oratorical Excellence

A One-Woman Show Personifying Oratorical Excellence…

Joie Rasberry’s Passion at the Podium as a

Dynamic World-Class Motivational Speaker

Shows Audiences How to Live Life with

Purpose, Passion and Achievement

Having a record of more than 30 years of varied speaking experiences, beginning as a child prodigy in Houston, Texas, Joie Rasberry continues to travel the corporate, educational, and faith-based circuit doing the same thing she did as a young girl, captivating audiences from around the world with her innate gift of speech. Make your meeting, event, conference, gala affair, or spiritual event count—contact Rasberry.

Joie Rasberry is Speaker of Choice for Fortune 500 companies, universities and colleges, organizations, businesses, and women's conferences globally. Joie has been labeled by Ebony Magazine as one of the greatest young speakers of our time. She is fueled by a passion to offer powerful messages of hope for these turbulent times. Her keynote speeches are mesmerizing, motivating, and memorable.

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Women's Empowerment

Speaking Engagements

Workshops, Training and Coaching 

Guiding Women All Around the World 

A Remarkably Talented Speaking Sensation Captures National Attention


Darlene Jeffers, Manager & Booking Agent

Manager & Booking Agent

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NATIONWIDE: Joie Rasberry is one of the nations most renowned public intellectual female motivational speakers, taking on some of the toughest and most controversial issues of the day, while interspersing motivation, inspiration, empowerment, self-mastery, leadership and faith.

Rasberry has spoken in the East Room at the White House for the President of the United States of America. 

She brings extraordinary insights to the forefront with her fierce and fiery rhetoric. Combining her innate gift of public speaking, this former collegiate debater and speech communication graduate, took her talents, along with her global competitive experiences, and forged a company that has audiences from across the globe seeking her to deliver award-winning keynote addresses by way of creative performance, teach workshops, and train CEO's and celebrities.

Not only does Rasberry possess a background in speech, theatre, journalism and radio, she also has a charismatic, humorous, and highly entertaining presentational style, enabling her performances to memorize audiences. Her presentations are bold, thought-provoking, unwavering and unapologetic, which leaves audiences spellbound.

Audiences are enthralled with her one-of-a-kind speaking style. Rasberry’s performances for businesses, corporations, organizations, colleges & universities, and churches are engaging, highly substantive, well-researched and pertinent, not to mention entertaining. She specializes in ascertaining the organizations culture, interest and challenges. The client, in turn receives added value and quality results.

This dynamic highly sought-after global speaker is empowering businesses, corporations, educational and faith-based institutions, conventions, associations, women’s groups, youth conferences, commencements and gala affairs?

In a changing world, Rasberry deliver serious, customized content that’s immediately applicable and sometimes hysterically funny.

Rasberry is a phenomenal orator who has a unique style of speaking. She is a master at her craft, positioning herself to train entertainers, rising politicians, professional athletes, celebrities and other professionals who desire to communicate more effectively.

It’s amazing what can happen when you give a girl a mic! To learn more about this sensational speaker, please visit

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To arrange print/broadcast interviews or to schedule a speaking engagement with Joie Rasberry, 832-577-2558| [email protected]

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Joie Rasberry's wow factor is in high demand with the world's most successful organizations. She evokes cheers, tears and standing ovations at events around the world. She uses her education, experience and expertise, thereby intertwining her gifts to rock audiences across different platforms and genres. She also gives performances for private events while

continuing  to train celebrities, entertainers, rising politicians, business leaders and pastors & ministry leaders

in the art of public speaking, effective communication and powerful storytelling.