Joie Rasberry


Global Business & Christian Event Speaker,

Copywriter, Wordsmith, Publicist, Content Strategist, Conceptualizer,

Editorialist, Visionary, Author

A One-Woman Show Personifying Oratorical Excellence...

Joie Rasberry’s Passion at the Podium as a Dynamic World-Class Speaker Shows Audiences How to Live Life with Purpose, Passion and Achievement

Joie Rasberry is an amazing professional speaker, author, Public Affairs news radio host, actress, social commentary critic extraordinaire, award-winning poet, spoken word champion and a highly sought-after women's ministry leader. She is Speaker of  Choice for Fortune 500 companies, universities and colleges, organizations, businesses and women's conferences globally. Rasberry has been labeled by Ebony Magazine as one of the greatest young speakers of our time. She is fueled by a passion to offer powerful messages for these turbulent times. Her keynote speeches are mesmerizing, motivating and memorable. Rasberry is an extraordinary speaking experience; weaving information, data, spirituality, humor and wit throughout her presentations. She exhorts and encourages her listeners to rise to their divine purpose. Not afraid to deal with hard relevant issues, Rasberry speaks in-your-face messages that have drawn hundreds of women at some of the largest, most well-respected venues in America and abroad.

Rasberry speaks at the 'ME WE' Conference hosted by 'The Luke' under the ministry of Dr. Timothy Sloan. Rasberry is booked year round for various women ministry groups. Event Planners love Rasberry's amazing, powerful, and intriguing delivery.

Rasberry speaks at hundreds of churches, businesses, universities, government agencies, non-profit organizations and gala affairs each year. Rasberry spoke at the White House at the invitation of the President of the United States of America, broadcast live in 160 countries.

Rasberry has been labeled by Ebony Magazine as one of the greatest young speakers of our time. Her messages are powerful and relevant for these trying times. Rasberry's humble and meek demeanor is sure to surprise many as she takes to the stage and belts out the spoken word.