Joie Rasberry


Global Business & Christian Event Speaker,

Copywriter, Wordsmith, Publicist, Content Strategist, Conceptualizer,

Editorialist, Visionary, Author

Rasberry's House of Hope

The mission of Rasberry’s House of Hope, Inc. is to love the lives of young hurting females without criticism or judgment, and to guide them to a life of right living, right choices, right relationships, a right self image, and a right relationship with God.

Joie Rasberry also teaches female-oriented applications that include:

*Stimulate and inspire self-belief, thus assuring girls that they can do great things.

*Provide processes which allow girls to affirm their own basic value and set the framework for resisting destructive behavior.

*Instill in girls the knowledge of their own untapped greatness.

*Provide a sense of responsibility and duty to develop their own individual greatness and thereby benefit their community.

*Explore their dreams and plan a course of action to fulfill those dreams.

*Introduce goal thinking and establish goal setting and planning as basic tools for survival.

*Minimize the adverse effects of peer pressure while advancing both individual and community self-interest.

*Transcend the negative expectations which limit the scope of their dreams.

*Provide instruction for utilizing the emotional and organizational tools required to survive in this rapidly changing world.


Problem Statement

All of the teen girls housed at Rasberry’s House of Hope, Inc. are victims of physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse, molestation, drug and alcohol abuse, and violence.


Project Summary

Rasberry’s House of Hope, Inc, is a nonprofit therapeutic residential treatment group home for adolescent girls whose psychological, emotional, substance abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and/or mental disorders have so impaired their behavioral functioning as to render the everyday environments of home, school, and community unsafe for them.