Joie Rasberry


Global Business & Christian Event Speaker,

Copywriter, Wordsmith, Publicist, Content Strategist, Conceptualizer,

Editorialist, Visionary, Author

Award Winning Speaker - Award Winning Author - Copywriter - Wordsmith - Publicist - Content Strategist - Conceptualizer - Editorialist - News Radio Co Host - Communications Consultant - Visionary

Meeting Planners

A One-Woman Show Personifying Oratorical Excellence...


Joie Rasberry has been classified as a phenomenal speaking experience. With more than 20 years on the lecture circuit, she is considered one of the best young speakers of all times. With a background in theatre, communications and journalism, her speaking style intertwines all she has studied, making her a speaking success. Rasberry is bold, engaging, timely, relevant, articulate, polished, entertaining, informative, substantive, pertinent, distinguished and well-researched, leaving audiences spell bound.

Rasberry has strategically captured what she learned in Corporate America, Education, Entrepreneurship, and as a leader in Women's Ministry, intertwining the wisdom and knowledge ascertained, while demonstrating, training and teaching others that self-mastery, strength of action, and strength of relationships are paramount, and without these three, any organization, business, school, group or church is doomed to fail.

With each presentation and performance she demonstrates she is master at her craft as she verbally and oratorically dominates the spoken word. Rasberry specializes in researching and ascertaining your organization, business and church's culture, interest and challenges, so that your will receive the added value of the experience.

Each year Rasberry speakers to thousands of people in public and private organizations, in the United States and internationally. She uses her information, inspiration, motivation, empowerment, wisdom and wit to encourage her listeners to surmount every obstacle that stands in the way of them and success.

When you need your event to be a success, you need to be able to rely on your speaker to meet your need, to deliver on their promise. After all, if it’s your responsibility to make the event a success, you don’t want to leave things to chance.


For more than 20 Years, Joie Rasberry has been called upon by meeting planners and executives from Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, faith-based institutions, colleges & universities and professional associations to provide the message that can make a difference. And in critical situations that message really does need to make a difference.


By answering the call, Joie has earned a solid reputation. When her clients faced low morale, crisis, economic downturn, low sales, and a variety of other challenges, along with needing hope, Joie Rasberry has been there.


Delivering for Your Event...


Joie uses in-depth preparation, beginning with his unique assessment process, to form the message framework for your unique audience situation. The process includes interviews, audience/event profiles, careful review of event objectives, and collaboration with your key people, to assure that the message is on the right track.


Joie promises the right message for your unique audience. And Joie Rasberry delivers! Rest assured, your people will get it. And they will to see how to cope with challenges and move past them. They will also see the urgency of seizing the moment, to take advantage of emerging opportunities.


Joie provides insights and strategies to allow your audience to move forward with confidence. Joie’s homework makes her credible, allowing your audience to feel her authenticity. Joie Rasberry promises the right message for your audience and its circumstances. Joie Rasberry delivers! And she delivers for you.


Joie Rasberry’s Passion at the Podium as a Dynamic World-Class Speaker Shows Audiences How to Live Life with Purpose, Passion, and Achievement...

Are you looking for a dynamic performance at your business, church, school, banquet, convention, commencement or gala affair? Joie Rasberry is a dynamic sought-after motivational speaker, with over 20 years of experience on the lecture circuit, who has spoken all over the world, including educational & spiritual performances in Paris, France, Rome, Italy, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Vancouver, Canada, Munich, Germany, Johannesburg, South Africa and abroad.


Classified as a dynamic speaking phenomenon, Rasberry has found a creative way of presenting keynote addresses by way of ‘PERFORMANCE.’ Her background in theatre coupled with her innate gift of speech has catapulted her to the next level.


Rasberry is an amazing professional business & Christian event speaker. She is an author of two books, From Jensen Drive to Pennsylvania Avenue and More Than Half a Century. Rasberry worked as a news radio host for KTSU 90.9 FM Radio Station and wrote for KRIV FOX 26 News Television Station. She serves as Editor-in-Chief for Contemporary Christian Women Magazine.

Her amazing journey from Houston’s inner-city to being invited to speak at The White House at the request of the President of the United States of America is remarkable to say the least. In keeping with excellence, Ebony Magazine labeled Joie Rasberry as one of the greatest young speakers of our time.

In a stressful world and during trying times, Rasberry delivers serious, customized content that’s immediately applicable as well as hysterically funny. Whether your need is for a program on motivation, inspiration, spirituality, education, empowerment or business, you cannot go wrong with this outstanding self-esteem and motivational enthusiast.

This veteran of the platform is a top choice for educational facilities, faith-based institutions, corporate meetings, conferences, association events, youth conferences and women’s groups.

With a background in communications – television, radio, print media, speech, debate and theatre, Rasberry is a meeting planners dream. Whether your group is business executives, spiritual groups, university students or grassroots organizations, and whether you need a dynamic opening keynote, an after lunch eye-opener, or a bang-up closing to end your meeting on a high – you can rely on Rasberry to hit the target. Why not let Joie Rasberry create an unforgettable and memorable event for you.