Joie Rasberry


Global Business & Christian Event Speaker,

Copywriter, Wordsmith, Publicist, Content Strategist, Conceptualizer,

Editorialist, Visionary, Author

Rasberry shares in a moment with State Representative, Sefronia Thompson. Having competed with the internationally acclaimed Texas Southern University Debate Team, Rasberry was trained by TSU's 94 year old veteran Speech & Debate coach, Dr. Thomas F. Freeman. Other notable students taught by Dr. Freeman are Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and U.S. Congresswoman, Barbara Jordan. TSU Debaters have spoken at the White House at the request of the President of the United States of America, and they also trained academy award-winning actor, Denzel Washington and his casts in the movie, 'The Great Debaters.'

Award Winning Speaker - Award Winning Author - Copywriter - Wordsmith - Publicist - Content Strategist - Conceptualizer - Editorialist - News Radio Co Host - Communications Consultant - Visionary



 Top Motivational Business, Organization & Christian Event Speaker, Author, News Radio Host, Actress, Poet, Entrepreneur, Educator, Chaplain and Christian

Joie Rasberry has performed on Broadway, spoken at the White House for the President of the United States of America, won the title of Miss Texas Southern University, traveled around the world as keynote speaker for churches, schools, businesses, conferences, seminars and gala affairs, and went on to be labeled one of the greatest young speakers of our time by Ebony Magazine.

Rasberry’s star-studded performances in Paris, France, Rome, Italy, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Johannesburg, South Africa, London, England, Madrid, Spain, Munich, Germany and Vancouver, Canada have earned her international acclaim and success.

With more than 20 years on the lecture circuit, she is categorized as being one of the most gifted orators of our time. Though unassuming and humble, Rasberry is often classified as distinguished and distinct.

With each presentation she demonstrates, yet again, that she is a master at her craft, as she effortlessly belts out the spoken word. She specializes in ascertaining the organizations culture, interests and challenges, thereby making her a repeat KEYNOTE SPEAKER time and time again. The client, in turn, receives the value-add of the experience and exposure to this qualitatively measurable speaker who is, in one word, unforgettable.

Each year Rasberry speaks to more than 100,000 people in private and public organizations, in the United States and internationally. She encourages her listeners to surmount every obstacle that stands between them and their dreams, and to live life with purpose, passion and achievement.

Her client list includes, but is not limited to, Proctor and Gamble, The United States Postal Service, The Alzheimer Association, Rice University, University of California, Fordham University, The Black McDonald’s Operators Association, NAACP – ACT SO Program, Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club, Abyssinian Baptist Church – New York, Windsor Village United Methodist Church – Houston, TX, Hemingway Memorial AME Church – Chapel Oaks, Maryland, West Angeles COGIC – Los Angeles, California, Southside Church of Christ – Alabama, St Francis de Sales Catholic Church – New Orleans, and hundreds of others. Each company, university, church and business benefited from having Rasberry share her informed, inspirational wisdom ad wit.

Rasberry served as Editor-in-Chief of Purpose, Passion, Perseverance Magazine, D-MARS Business Journal and Contemporary Christian Women Magazine.

A true academician, Rasberry has ascertained her education from Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (Theatre), Southwestern Christian College (Biblical Studies), Texas Southern University (Speech Communication), St. Thomas University and Christian Bible Institute & Seminary, where she is being bestowed the Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree for serving  more than 20 years on the Christian speaking circuit and for her gift as a writer and author, as well as dedicating her life by helping troubled teen girls by providing a safe place for them to live.

She nurtured her love for public speaking as part of the award-winning internationally renowned Texas Southern University Debate Team, under the tutelage of 60 year esteemed coach, Dr. Thomas F. Freeman. Rasberry ranked as a local, national and international debater and speaker, with first place wins in speech and debate during her college years. She was and outstanding member of the debate team and former president. Rasberry has acted as assistant for the T. F. Freeman Center for Forensic Excellence (TSU Debate Team), and served as one of the Speech and Debate coaches.

Her oratory excellence continues to land her on stages around the world, namely The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and Los Angeles, Boston Conservatory, The Theater School at DePaul University in Chicago, University of California – Los Angeles School of Theater, Film and Television, The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and New York University’s Tisch’s School of the Arts.

Rasberry is a shining example of spectacular triumph against incredible odds. During more turbulent times, Rasberry shared the pain of losing her oldest sister, how drugs and alcohol gripped the other sister, her only brother sentenced to prison, and the pain associated with the death of the man she loved most, her father.

Rasberry took those trying experiences and catapulted herself above her circumstances. Today, because of her modest, humble, and authentic approach, organizations, businesses, universities and churches call on Rasberry to motivate, inspire, encourage, and empower their audience to achieve their dreams, regardless of the obstacles they face.

In an effort to help other adolescent girls, who like her sisters, may find themselves in compromising situations, Rasberry established Rasberry’s House of Hope, Inc. a therapeutic residential group home for adolescent girls shattered by abuse, abandonment and neglect. Its mission is to love the lives of young hurting females without criticism or judgment and to guide them to a life of right living, right choices, right relationships, a right self-image, and a right relationship with God.

Although Rasberry would modestly insist otherwise, there has never been anything simple or commonplace about Joie Rasberry – not her vision, her life, her faith, her speeches, her book, or her CD. She so eloquently found a way to keep it all together, while things around her were falling apart.  Rasberry translates faith and values, knowledge, humor, wit, statistics, research, common sense and belief into a powerful and unforgettable message.

Rasberry’s talents have landed her on programs alongside Tavis Smiley, Dexter Scott King, son of slain civil-rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Condoleezza Rice, President George W. Bush, Les Brown and others. Rasberry began her broadcast career early as an on-air radio news co-host with Maurice Hope-Thompson at KTSU 90.9 FM radio station in Houston and with KRIV FOX 26 News.

In Rasberry’s inaugural book and CD, From JENSEN Drive to PENNSYLVANIA Avenue, Rasberry delivers some of the most thought-provoking, honest, inspirational, motivational, spiritual, and compelling messages ever. Rasberry continues to serve as keynote speaker and speechwriter globally. 

Rasberry is a member of the American Women in Radio and Television, Toastmasters, National Speakers Association, National Thespian Society, Alpha Lambda Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta Forensic Honor Society, National Parliamentary Debate Association, and The National Association of Black Journalists.


Rasberry’s commentary and writings have appeared in Essence, Ebony, Jet, D-MARS Business Journal, Contemporary Christian Women, The Revivalist Magazine, Style, Gospel Monthly and more.

Rasberry’s most treasured speaking engagement was in the East Room at the White House, broadcast live in 160 countries. In keeping with a tradition of excellence, Rasberry is the first non-traditional student in the history of TSU to win the title of Miss Texas Southern University. Rasberry attributes her success to a deep abiding faith in God, along with a willingness not to be afraid to fail her way to success.

Rasberry’s life is a lesson of self-determination and hope. In Rasberry's book and CD, From JENSENDrive 2 PENNSYLVAVIA Avenue, she shares some of her life experiences, though painful, that eventually and strategically laid the foundation for her to become one of the most highly sought-after speakers in the business and Christian community.

Moreover, Rasberry has been featured four years in a row in Who’s Who in Black Houston, along with Houston’s African-American achievers and prominent citizens.

“I think back upon a childhood longing to do better, to have more, and to make something of myself. Yet, I remember one of my teachers, Mrs. Smith, telling me to think in more realistic terms. She referred to my family as dysfunctional, and spoke in limited terms of my success, referring to me as African-American, female, and full-figured.” I said to myself then, “You’ll read about me someday. I was definitely dreaming then. With no evidence of that ever being possible, I clung to that preposterous vision and with the force of those dreams willed it and made it happen. Not because I needed to be famous, but because I needed Mrs. Smith to be wrong. I needed a world that was sometimes cold and calloused to know that when preparation, education and opportunity meet, amazing things can happen. From that moment on, I’ve lived my life believing in limitless possibilities. I had to succeed, not only for me, but for my family, my neighborhood, my community and the world at-large. I had to arrange my life so that Mrs. Smith never talked down to another student again.”

Rasberry worships at the Trinity Gardens Church of Christ in Houston, TX under the ministry of Timothy Daniels, Senior Minister. She previously worshiped at Fifth Ward Church of Christ under the ministry of Thomas Foster, and the Kashmere Gardens Church of Christ, during her youth, under the ministry of John C. Whitley.

Joie Rasberry shares her life's work with friends at MAJIC 102 FM Radio Station. After her live interview, Rasberry shares fun and laughter with MAJIC 102 staff.

Former President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, wife of slain civil-rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., stands Coretta Scott-King, and two of Dr. King's children are dignitaries  who were present in the East Room at the White House when Rasberry performed.

Joie Rasberry performs in the

East Room at the White House

and receives a standing ovation

from a room full of dignitaries

for a command performance.

The world renown Texas Southern University Debate Team makes history at the White House as they performing in front of the President of the United States of America.