Joie Rasberry


Global Business & Christian Event Speaker,

Copywriter, Wordsmith, Publicist, Content Strategist, Conceptualizer,

Editorialist, Visionary, Author

Publicity/PR Services

Whether it's advertisements, articles, blog posts, brand collateral, email promotions, press releases, product packaging, radio spots, speeches, video scripts, social media marketing, or web sites — it always starts with powerfully written content.


Creativity, innovation, and originality are crucial in penning response-driving publicity collateral that doesn’t necessitate failure!  In today's multimedia-studded galaxy, your customers are bombarded with mundane marketing materials by the thousands. What makes the difference is compelling, clever, and creditable writing that expresses comprehensible brand clarification.

Capturing the quintessence of a person or company in the write words is the optimum foundation of a dynamic and exciting brand.

Regardless of your industry, we create customized communications campaigns that rev up your image and ensure visibility. With style and panache, we also conceptualize client events and social networking strategies to develop brand recognition.

We offer a one-on-one, real-person experience in an on-site or online environment.

We offer personalized, hands-on attention and step-by-step advice and guidance that are missing. What’s more, we work with an award-winning cadre of photographers, web designers, and graphic designers when we need creative support. 

Our job is to publicize you, your work, your gifts & talents, your products, your performances and your events. Because when you shine, we shine. Publicity includes research, branding, writing articles and marketing material, product placement, copywriting and event promotions.

Whatever your industry, being unknown, unnamed and unidentified won't get you there.


Most of us live by the misguided belief that if we just provide a great product or service that everyone from Oprah to Time magazine will beat a path to our door. But merely offering a great product or service isn't enough. We depend on publicity to make an impact in the world in both our personal life and in business. How we get attention and what we do with it will determine our overall success.

You may have what it takes to attract media attention. But to pursue publicity and visibility, you first need to pinpoint, define and reveal your core identity or brand.

As a public relations visionaries, we understand how to create a strong company identity. Many companies offer the same or similar products or services. But what makes the difference in how they are perceived by the media is how they differ in style. It's not through guesswork that we empower you to gain astonishing insight into your publicity and branding needs and learn how to control your business identity. Systematically, we aid clients in their quest for high visibility, virtually stripping away anonymity.

Please take a few minutes to provide information about your business, product, or service. By email or telephone consultation, we will assess your situation concisely and accurately, outlining what you need to enhance your current PR strategy.

Ask yourself these questions...

Who is your company? Why isn't it getting noticed?